Home Based Business Tips – Tie it Together For Increased Profit

There are many ways to market your business and earn profit. In order to enhance the prospects, here are 4 main home based business tips, it should be your constant endeavor to efficiently bridge all the departments of your business.All the aspects of your business, be it admin, HR, quality control, marketing or finance, should be under your control, but they should be interconnected for best efficiency. These departments should be integrated for the common purpose of earning profits for your venture.This article takes a look at the wide variety of ways to tie together the operations of your enterprise so that it operates efficiently and effectively to give you higher profits.The support team – administration:Your support team may be your family, a business partner, hired employees or temps, even several people working on one business, combining their efforts for the good of all.The administration of any enterprise is its backbone. In order to attain success and earn profits, you will need to fine-tune it from time to time. No business stays static and successful. To get the best out of your staff (often better thought and referred to as your team), you’ll need to ensure that there is a perfect working environment at your workplace.Your staff or team is not merely one of the resources for your home based business. Treat them in such a manner that they take pride in what they do. Always find ways to let people know when they do something right. This will benefit your interests and will instill the feeling in your staff that you value their contribution.At the same time you have to effectively supervise your administration. Ensure that they do not idle away the hours indulging in non-productive activities. Keeping track of productivity is critical, not so much as that you are eagle eyeing each person, but is the work needed getting done to meet the business plan and time lines.For a successful and profit-making home venture, you need to develop the following skills in your team: planning, supportiveness, ability to meet deadline, flexibility and preparedness for exigencies.The HR factor:It is seen people tend to ignore the HR factor in their home based business. If you want the robust growth of your business make sure that your human resource department is competent. It should handle the problems of recruiting, outsourcing and motivating the team. You will have to infuse a passion for success in your employees. Motivation and recognition is an area many businesses overlook, both brick and mortar businesses and home businesses.As an entrepreneur you should be prepared to share your wealth with those who help you generate it. To extract the best from your employees, pay them as per their abilities and their contribution to your business. It is crucial to provide basic amenities to your staff or even the team members. Google Company is one example of taking top notch care of employees and internship. They are clean, cheerful, have food and water, tea, coffee and pop easily accessible, also think tanks often held where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. They get the best from their people because they give them the best. Now you are not Google but you get the concept. Do what works for your business.Financial management:For keeping your business financially sound, you’ll need to ensure that all the financial activities take place in most efficient way. You should keep a watch on the following financial aspects: budgeting, insurance, collecting money, taxes, record keeping, accounting systems and bookkeeping. This can be recorded out easily if you are a small business. It is so critical, that this is done correctly, it often is well worth paying someone else to do this area.It may appear to be a painful part of running your home venture, but if you want to be successful and earn a substantial profit, you’ll need to handle the finance department well, if it is you or outsourced. If you handle it, you had better be very good at this area.Marketing:You will need a business marketing plan to effectively reaching out to your customers, target market and tell them about your service or product.An effective marketing includes: distribution of your product, promotion, price, advertising and establishing your reputation as a dependable entrepreneur. A lot of planning and coordination is required to build public relations and sales package to present your product or service to the customer in the best possible manner.Addressing these important success home based business tips will lead you towards earning a decent profit; it should be your first and foremost endeavor to address the above mentioned issues. Build these into your business plan and engage in a timely manner. Always reevaluate as you move forward in your business.

Social Media Strategy: How Barack Obama Used Multiple Touch Points to Create a Brand

Barack Obama used multiple “touch points” and social media platforms to create a brand that was a key ingredient to winning the Presidency in 2008. His brand strategy is a case study for marketers to study in creating brand in a New Media Age. President Obama’s branding strategy is something that is a distinct paradigm change from previous social media strategy and branding. It is basic strategy for a company to integrate their websites with social media platforms. What President Obama did that is different is that he created a web site, MyBO.com that functioned as a mini-facebook, a mini-social platform. He broke new ground in the use of social media in branding. Private companies should study Barack’s strategy to understand how to create a world-class brand virtually overnight. In our era this is important for a marketer because there are many, many products. For a product to be chosen from the many, it has to have a strong brand. How does a startup, which is what Barack’s campaign was, create a strong brand when the startup has limitations in capital? Social Media has created a new age. Social Media has changed how modern marketing is done—but a marketer needs a strategy to succeed and that strategy revolves around the strategic use of multiple “touch points”.At this point I think some important introductory comments have to be made. President Obama is a lightning rod. As in all politicians there are many people who like him and there are many who don’t. This article is not a political statement, one way or the other, for President Obama. This article is about social media branding strategy. Irregardless of where you stand in the political spectrum, even Barack’s greatest detractors say his social media strategy was a classic use of social media to create a brand.When I talk about creating “brand”, please don’t interpret this as a cynical statement of our political system and our way of electing presidents. Marketers should study political campaigns because they are classic studies in the creation of world class brands. In each political cycle, a large group of candidates emerges originally. Only one can be elected. A candidate must quickly distinguish themselves from the rest of the political field. The American people are not stupid. American elections are an example of the wisdom of crowds. To be elected a candidate must show that he is different from the rest of the candidates, and if elected can do a much better job than the others in the field. To win the American Presidency, a candidate must be an expert in creating brand awareness, creating a value proposition, and brand positioning. Winning the Presidency is not unlike creating a new product, and creating the brand for that product to be successful in the marketplace. This is why studying Barack Obama’s social media strategy is important. Barack Obama is analogous to a small startup creating a product, but having significant limitations in name recognition and capital.In old media, a startup couldn’t afford a large advertising campaign to create brand. Social Media has changed that. Social Media has created a “Perfect Storm”. To create a brand, a marketer has to have scale and presence. A lot of people have to know about your product, and a marketer has to be able to engage those large amounts of people at the precise moment that a purchasing decision is going to be made. Social Media allows a marketer to do just that. Perhaps ¼ of the world’s population belongs to a social media sight, and most of the major social media platforms are integrated. From those sights, a marketer can observe what a consumer does during their day. This tracking allows a marketer to target the individual consumers that are interested in the marketer’s product. A marketer can now target an individual at the precise time that a purchase is going to made.Barack Obama was one of the first significant marketers to understand the tremendous communication capabilities, database management, and tracking abilities that a social media platform affords a marketer. Barack Obama understood that he could engage large amounts of people at once over many “touch points”. When his campaign first began, Barack had no name recognition and no money. Hilary Clinton had both. Barack understood the forces that social media platforms unleash to a marketer. He realized, far better than anyone else, that his limitations were minor. Barack realized that social media platforms gave him the tool that he needed to create a major brand almost overnight. Before the Obama campaign, social networks were seen as just that—a social network. Someplace you came to hang out with your friends, share pictures, and just basically enjoy yourself. To a limited extent the Howard Dean campaign used social networks to raise money in 2004, but not at the scale that Barack Obama did.Barack’s campaign was not a haphazard affair. His social media campaign had goals, plans, and objectives. Barack realized that personal engagement was going to be critical. He created a web site that had the scale that was going to be needed. Barack took advantage of some major structural changes in the modern marketplace. Modern people no longer trust advertising. People trust their friends. In a new media age, a product is branded and purchased when two “friends” have a conversation, and a recommendation is made. To be successful a modern brand must be a “friend” to the consumer.Two sources best explain the world that modern marketers must function in. The June 2009 McKinsey Quarterly talks about The Consumer Decision Journey. The December, 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review talks about “Branding in the Digital Age”. In both cases, in a New Media Age, consumers no longer develop brand awareness through one experience, such as a major advertising campaign. Rather, a brand is created after many and varied experiences between brand and consumer. In a new media age, a brand takes on almost human characteristics. In human relationships, the more experiences we have with an individual the more trust we have for that individual. We choose are friends for their brand. That brand is based on trust. We can depend on our friends. We know a lot of people, but we trust our friends. In a group of people, we seek our “friends”, from a wide group of people, because we can trust them. We realize that our friends are imperfect—there might be “better” people around than our friends—but we seek our friends because we trust them.How does this trust develop? Trust is developed over a period of time through a series of experiences. This same principle applies in branding products. We develop friends through many “touch points”. Consumers seek out products through texts, video, blogs, podcasts from a social platform. This is how a brand is created—through a social media platform that creates many and varied touch points. Barack understood this.A key element is in his campaign was to create a website that was actually a mini-social platform. Initially, a supporter or a seeker would go to MyBO and a profile would be created. Then, just as on Facebook, you made a decision on just what you wanted to do. The sight was there for you to help. It allowed supporters to access the information that was needed create meetups, to have fund raisers. It had a database of people to call on behalf of Obama. The sight allowed people to what they wanted to do. There was a method to the madness. Through the sight, the campaign could track the people who were strong supporters. This information allowed the campaign to discretely get volunteers to do more committed things. The more committed volunteers held fund raisers at their house, to call friends, to go door to door. An important function of MyBo was to link people who knew each other outside of the campaign to connect, such as is done on Facebook. For instance, if a strong supporter worked at a particular company, the campaign had the names of other people who also worked at that same company who were undecided or leaning toward Barack. The supporter could then go to their coworkers and talk about Barack around the water cooler in a discrete manner. Friends having conversation with their friends to recommend a product (Barack). This is how Barack’s brand was created. This is how products are branded in social media. Barack was able to brand himself as a “friend” in comparison to the other candidates—who were just “candidates”.As the campaign progressed, supporters started making their own texts, videos, shooting their own pictures, making their own podcasts, and sending them to their friends, through the different social media platforms. Barack’s website (a social media platform) had these numbers:• The site attracted 1.5 million members who organized themselves into 35,000 separate activist groups, each of which could be called INSTANTLY from the campaign headquarters to be given specific tasks in drumming up support.• On election day, a MILLION calls were made. There were maps to the polls. Supporters were identified. Rides were arranged. Before the election, absentee ballots were delivered. During the campaign, million new supporters were registered online.• 150, 000 separate meetings were used to mobilize volunteers• Supporters placed their own campaign videos on YouTube. This is significant. People made these videos. The videos were placed on a sight that is one of the most popular on the Internet. YouTube viewership rivals major cable and home TV networks. This added media exposure was estimated at $47 million that the campaign did not have to pay.• $600 million was raised from 3 million peopleThere is a critical fact to observe in Barack’s brand building. The Obama campaign gave the “brand” over to supporters. This is an interesting fact to observe about Barack’s branding strategy. Barack’s branding strategy was organized and managed. There was adult supervision—but much of his branding was done by individual supporters. This is analogous to the Ford Fiesta Movement that Ford Motor Company used in marketing their Ford Fiesta. To create a strong brand in the new media era the brand has to be given over to supporters to develop among their “friends”.The hallmark of social media branding is the development of trust. This trust allows a brand to handle the unforeseen. There are no perfect people running for the Presidency—just as there are no perfect brands. Because of his brand building strategy and the trust that Barack developed, he was able to whether storms that happen in every campaign. People believe in their friends, and trust them, even when bad things are found out about them.In the campaign of 2004, the campaigns of Dean and Kerry were derailed when stories began to appear about their personal backgrounds. Barack was able to handle bad events in his campaign. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rescko, bad quotes from Michelle, would have been enough to sink a lot of campaigns. Barack was able to weather these events because he had built up a lot trust among voters. To many people, Barack was a “friend” and could be trusted. In new media, because trust is developed among “friends”, when bad things happen to your brand, customers still buy the brand.Barack Obama created a brand through creating a social platform on his website and by engaging supporters at many touchpoints.Dean [email protected]

3 Success Tips on Local Internet Marketing For Your Business

The internet is a great avenue for everyone. With the revolutionary movement for Web 2.0, people have been able to use and impart unique, important or trivial messages to millions and even billions of people all at once. The great appreciation for the internet as a means for communication and interaction has grown quite greatly and with the multiple kinds of information that can be seen through a single topic, it is hard to be recognized. Luckily, there is a method to ensure that your information and your products or services get the spotlight it truly deserves with the use of local internet marketing.With businesses a specific branch venturing in to internet business expansions, it is hard to make sure your products are updated for the web. You may not desire total world domination especially when you have a local market to still focus, on but you can ensure that people on your locality and in proximity with little tips on local internet marketing. So how does a business start with this marketing strategy for the internet?• Primarily, you use what all people use to their websites for local internet marketing, and this is called SEO or search engine optimization. You can say this is one of the methods of local internet marketing. You get your keywords, improve on using them efficiently, examine your page ranking in search engines and continuously building your content to be credible. Once you have built your credibility from people and search engines, you get linked to other people’s sites because of your content. With the process, you perfectly increase you local internet marketing success• Another local internet marketing strategy is to use social networking sites as a way to improve your visibility in the internet. Use Facebook, Twitter and other prominent social networking sites to connect people and close friends to your site and your business. Making it very organic will surely bring a lot of buzz in your local community. It is an effective local internet marketing strategy for those who want to gain more possible traffic to your services.• It is also important to adapt to the changing times and ensure that your local internet marketing strategy is also adaptable to new technology, as well as other types of networking or information dissemination.Credibility is the hallmark of local internet marketing. No matter how many tweets or pokes you make or blog posts you produce, if this is meant only to get attention from the search engine spiders, then it is a lost cause.Content and high value for your local readers and customers is still important. Marketing is an essential part of the business world and the internet has somehow made it faster, more efficient yet the aspect of patience is still present. It is necessary that with any venture you make in the internet, you be patient with the results. You can have good results as long as you follow the above tips and if you take into consideration your search engine visibility together with the needs of the customers and potential clientele. Local internet marketing can definitely change the way you do business.